To Whom It May Concern:

I never get personal with Moco.  I try to keep it as disconnected with myself as possible.  I always treat Moco as something bigger than it is, I say ‘we are doing this’ or ‘we are doing that’ but for the most part it is just me and while the year is still new I’d like to share a few things.

For those of you who don't know my name is Jeremy Treagus and I am the creative director of Monumental Co., or as it will more commonly referred to in the future; Moco.  The idea for this brand was born around about a year and a half ago, although back then I had no idea what it would really be.  It started as a means of distracting myself from bad habits.  I've reached a point, however, where I think that I understand it and myself.  

Moco, to me, is fulfilling the need to create art.  Believe it or not this is not just a tie dye company. Although I am absolutely horrible at skateboarding, that is where I want to root the brand.  I find myself spending hours watching skate films on skate films and I want that community to be reflected in what I create.  This year, the Media page on our website is going to be progressing into a blog where I will be sharing the films that I really enjoy and of course sharing the works that I will do in collaboration with Jacob Webster and friends.

I am only 17 and still in school, and as much as I love Moco, it will come last this year in my list of priorities.  This means our seasons will probably be wrong and late, there will be patches of quiet and things will never be as organized as I would like them to be.  But this is only because I will not be substituting quality with ease.  As much as I act like I don’t want to go university, I do think I will.

I am strong believer that the garments should be of the highest quality possible, something I took serious issue with in the first season.  The price will reflect that, as much as I would like everyone to have a piece of Moco, this is a sad reality I’ve come to terms with.  I have made the decision to have everything 100% locally made from now on and I will be doing the screen-printing of the graphics myself.

My goal is to create a platform where I can create what I really dream about.  Creating the designs which I know that everyone will love.  Being in a situation where I cannot work a night job means that the only funding that goes into the company is from the profits of the last season.  Around about 6 months ago I recognized I would not be able to keep any of the profit I made for roughly a year, although I am half way through that year, I still have the mentality that it is going to be a year before I can start keeping the profit for myself.  This being said I am in the most privileged position of knowing I have a home and that there will always be food on the table for me.

Not a lot of people grasp the number of hours that have gone into this.  I think if anyone has a relatively decent idea it would be the art students.  Few people really see it, with exception to mum and my family who have been the biggest help in all of this, and I suppose that’s just the nature of these things. But this is what I would I would like to do for the rest of my life, and I know Moco is going to be huge, because I will get it there.

I always found it funny when people gave speeches and they said they couldn’t list all the people that helped them get to where they are.  I now understand why, even in creating something so small, the number of people that have got me here is insane.  I could not be where I am without everyone around me and without all the people who influenced me throughout my life. I thank God every day for putting the people I needed around me and for always being my homie.  

This is all in Your Honour.


Thank you to everyone for your huge support,

Jeremy Treagus

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